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These terms cover your usage of XFour services. These include, but are not limited to, the XFour website, client websites, email services, UTCR.Live websites, radio, applications and services. 

Quiz Terms of Participation

By participating in the Big Family Quiz Night on UTCR.Live ("the quiz"), you agree to be bound by the terms laid out in this document. 

To participate, you must enter the provided game pin from YouTube into This is a third party service, owned and operated by Kahoot! AS. By using these services you are bound by the terms and conditions & privacy policy of Google LLC and Kahoot! AS respectively. 

A prize may be offered for winning the quiz. This is offered at the discretion of XFour IT Limited ("the operators") and UTC Reading ("the sponsor"). Either organisation may at any time and at their discretion, with or without reason; withdraw the prize. 

When participating in the quiz, you must not reference external materials such as a search engine or book.

By participating in the quiz, you agree that the nickname you provide will be stored on Google LLC servers indefinitely for the purposes of video archival. This nickname will be visible to anyone with access to the YouTube website. Please do not include personally identifiable information in this nickname. 

We reserve the right to bar a player from partcipating in the quiz if we believe they may be in violation of this policy or at our sole discretion.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the operation of the quiz, please get in touch with Benjamin Lewis via [email protected] or  01344981408x001